School project “More social skills through pets”

It is important to us to change the public’s awareness of abandoned pets and animal cruelty. With our school project “More social skills through pets“, we visit children in Mallorcan schools with specially trained local educators to inform them about the correct way to deal with pets.

Support our project “More social skills through pets“, in which specially trained local educators visit children in Mallorcan schools and teach them how to deal with pets properly.

International studies have shown that children who treat animals with respect also react with more empathy and tolerance towards those around them. Taking responsibility for a creature in need of protection, accepting its differences and responding to its species-specific needs teaches children to be considerate and take responsibility for other people.

The project “More social skills through pets” includes the pedagogical development of the lessons together with BALDEA for the different age groups and for the teachers, the acquisition of didactic material, the training of teachers during the summer holidays, as they play a decisive role in the implementation and continuation, the presentation of the project to the Ministry of Education and the actual teaching of the students, who are to be introduced to the subject of animal welfare and responsible pet ownership in a playful and interactive way.

Let’s turn our children into caring and loving fellow human beings and at the same time help to ensure that more pets can lead a more species-appropriate life in the future.

We were in different communities, here is a selection: Capdella, Son Ferrer, Es Pillari, in different schools in the rest of the larger community of Calvia, e.g. in Santa Ponsa, Inca, Ses Salines, or in Binissalem. What is striking is how receptive the children are to this and how much fun they have with it. Our teacher also gives a lot of pleasure to see how the children suck the knowledge. So we’re well on our way to changing consciousness.


Federation of Balearic Animal Welfare Organizations that brings together various associations that save the lives of thousands of animals and fight for them to be treated with dignity and respect.