Integration of pets in everyday life

The integration of pets in public life, which has been part of everyday life in Germany and many other European countries for decades, is also an affair of the heart for Baldea. Because this is the only way to enable your animal to live an almost species-appropriate life. According to the inquiry, more than 70,000 chipped dogs live in Palma alone (there are probably another 30,000 unchipped, i.e. unregistered dogs), which is an enormous number with a population of around 400,000. Until 2012, there were no official outlets for dogs anywhere in Palma. The penalties for free-roaming dogs are and were high.

We created an absolute nationwide sensation: Baldea managed to get the city hall in Palma to create public spaces for dogs from 2012. 15 dog parks and a section of beach (The dog beach in Es Carnatge) have now been made available for this purpose and dogs are finally allowed to travel on many buses. Here, too, we were the country’s leaders with our lobbying work.

And thanks to us pet owners were informed and enlightened on Mallorcan radio .

Furthermore, we constantly propose laws and regulations and are in contact with the administrations to correct or improve shortcomings.


Federation of Balearic Animal Welfare Organizations that brings together various associations that save the lives of thousands of animals and fight for them to be treated with dignity and respect.