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Since 2005

BALDEA is committed to the welfare of animals, domestic animals, farm animals and circus animals on the Balearic Islands.


Our focus is:

  • To convince the relevant authorities and society of the usefulness of sterilizing pets and abandoned animals in order to radically decimate the vast number of unwanted offspring.
  • A change to the current Balearic Animal Welfare Act, which still prevents us and the police from intervening in “lighter”  cases of animal abuse and neglect.
  • To convince authorities and politicians that animal welfare has a high priority and that animal abuse must be punished.
  • School project: To teach the new generation how to treat animals with respect and responsibility.
  • Create areas where dogs and their owners like to hang out, and where dogs can romp and socialize in parks and on the beach. In order to involve the dog more in the life of the residents. Since Baldea is 100% dependent on donations, it would not be possible without YOUR support! Become a supporting member.

Animals rescued by the associations affiliated with us

street cats neutered by the Baldea sterilization mobile per year

€uro subsidy for the town halls to castrate street cats


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Our member organisations

Here is an overview of our member organisations. However, we represent ALL animal welfare organisations to the authorities in order to give our concerns more weight. 

Amics dels Animals


Tel. 617 605 017

Asociación protectora



Ben Tractats-Altarriba


Tel 639 139 680

Centro Canino Internacional


Tel 971 261 149

First Aid Animals


Tel 676 370 921



Tel 670 022 963


(Binissalem & Inca)

web: https://bincanimals.com

facebook: binicanimals
Tel. 613 63 22 18

Valldemossa Cats i Cans


facebook: valldemossa.cats