We have resisted the pandemic – review 2020


We have resisted the pandemic – review 2020


As in previous years, our mobile operating room has visited the municipalities of Bunyola, Banyalbufar, Calvià, Esporles, Sant Joan, Deià, Llubí, Valldemossa, Búger, Inca, Sa Pobla, Mancor de la Vall and a total of 1,350 cats have been castrated . Likewise, 74 feral cats have been castrated in different clinics. Of the total number of operated cats, 725 were female.

Calculating that each female has two litters a year with an average of 4 cats per litter, we will have prevented the birth of 5,800 kittens. unwanted. Not to mention that the operated males have also stopped procreating. Most of the individuals were healthy-looking and only 1% of the animals had to be euthanized.

It has been a great success to have a trailer where the animals can spend the night with adequate temperature after the intervention

The Covid has resulted in an increase in offspring since, due to the state of alarm, they have not been able to capture or operate for 2 months. Given the need and demand of the municipalities, we have increased the castration days from 3 to 4 and on occasions our veterinary team has also castrated on weekends.

Thanks to a grant from the Beatrice Ederer-Weber Foundation, we have been able to fix the damage to the mobile unit.

We want to insist that our objective is not only to castrate as many colony cats as possible, but to help volunteer groups form, form associations, and manage feline colonies in collaboration with their municipalities.

We also insist on the need to have one or more clinics that collaborate with the municipalities to follow birth control and that the municipalities recognize the work of the caretakers and value the work they are doing in favor of the animals and the animals. inhabitants of their municipalities.

We have continued to respond to requests for help or information from citizens of the islands and tourists. Most of them focused on information and help for the birth control of feline colonies and complaints of animal abuse of both companion and food animals. These complaints are more frequent in summer, complaining about the lack of water, food and shade for the animals.

We have filed complaints about mistreatment of a pig farm in Algaida, dogs in poor condition in Felanitx, LLubí, Palma, pony in Selva, donkeys in Palma, among other complaints, as well as various writings about the transfer of dogs and possibly cats from Eivissa to Mallorca. to the Naturaparc facilities

As a consequence of Covid 19, talks in schools have been paralyzed. We hope that they can be resumed as soon as possible.

We have provided support to the associations of Eivissa as well as to all the associations that have asked us for help.

Our collaboration with the Palma City Council has been limited to submitting suggestions to the ordinance that they intend to draw up and collaborate with on the Christmas poster of the campaign with them. The good news is that they have finally listened to us when it comes to PPP adoptions and the adopter does not have to pay the stay while his license for the possession of potentially dangerous animals is being processed.

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