Mobile unit for sterilization of wild cats

Mobile unit for sterilization of wild cats

On May 11, 2013 we launched our mobile unit with a big party in Valldemossa (since it was the first municipality to sign a collaboration agreement with Baldea.)

This mobile unit is intended to control the feline colonies of the Island and help abandoned animals in shelters and kennels.


The new agreement between Baldea and the Sineu City Council will allow for ethical control of the feline colonies in Sineu, this time we have the support of NetAp

The presentation of the CES project allowed to explain to the attendees the importance of the control of the feline colonies, since they live in the human environment and depend on their caregivers, with the sterilization campaigns also, the veterinary team takes advantage of passing a review of each individual, ears, mouth and general appearance, the cats apart from being sterilized, are provided with a dose of anti-parasites, we hope that more municipalities will join a project as necessary as CES-Baldea.

President Miquel Ensenyat reached this agreement with the BALDEA association to address the problem of wild cats

Miquel Adrover Palma 30.01.2018 | 16:28

The Consell will subsidize the castration of the colonies of feral cats B. Ramon

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The Consell de Mallorca will approve a line of subsidies to deal with the plagues of feral feline colonies. The municipalities will be in charge of requesting these financial aids, since it is the local corporations that have the competences in animal welfare.

The ethical control of the colonies would imply the identification and sterilization of the cats to avoid that they reproduce without control and this supposes an excessive growth of the colonies. In addition, it would also include creating reserved spaces for cats to live in while controlling their reproduction. At the same time, the Consell will also promote an awareness campaign to raise awareness of the need for domestic cats to be sterilized. It must be borne in mind that feral expenses cause great damage to native fauna, especially game species, thus breaking the food chain.

This agreement has been reached at the meeting held by the Consell de Mallorca with the Balearic Platform for the Defense of Animals (BALDEA) association this morning. The president of the Consell de Mallorca, Miquel Ensenyat; the insular director of Local Cooperation and Hunting, Joan Manera; the president of BALDEA and the coordinator of the Association.

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