13445329_1705534636362497_6963723566995005787_n 13445361_1705533573029270_2844749931386720257_n 13501639_1705534653029162_2586679860399787714_n 13502038_1705534573029170_9052582438946269083_n 13507016_1705533636362597_4713650112162653589_n 13512062_1705534619695832_7027424207594131299_nBALDEA showing school classes the animal shelter SOS ANIMAL.


escolar Selva enero 2016The kids love these clases and they learn about the needs of their pets.


11 Sep 2015

Army goes for cats

Baldea had been asked by the army on Mallorca to help them with a colony of homeless cats. We were happy to help.

And so in July its first protected cat colony had been inaugurated. All cats have been spayed and are being fed.

The good thing is that army barraks from all over Spain now want to copy this example. That is absolute great!

After the elections in may Baldea is on tour on the island informing in meetings the mayors abut the etical solucion of street cats overpopulation.

We are trying to persuade the local vets to cooperate with the local asociations and the community and spay streetcats for a low budget.

In case the community is willing to pay the spaying but no vet is cooperating we offer to come with our spaying van

Unidad movil

17 Jun 2015

Annual review 2014

<a href=" discover this info here.pdf”>Memoria de Baldea 2014

Sorry, this entry is only available in German and European Spanish.

In the german newspaper Mallorca Magazin one can read about our efforts of spaying in 2014 more than 1300 streets cats in 14 communities with the help of our spaying van.

But without your help, it is difficult to go on, so please support us:

BALDEA – Plataforma balear per a la defensa dels animals

Banco / banc / Bank: Caixa Coloyna Pollenca



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