Negotiating with town halls, informing the citizians, bringing cat lovers together, helping creating asociations, giving advice how to catch the spray cats, coming with our mobil spaying van, spaying and neutering 15-20 cats a day, and leaving a comminity with less problems, coming back when ever there is a demand…. that is us.

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In the last year we have been in several schools all over the island showing kids how to behave properly towards their pets.

We had been for instance in Capdella,  Son Ferrer,  Es Pillari, in different schools of the big community of  Calvian  for example in Santa Ponsa, Inca,  Ses Salines, or in Binissalem.

We have noticed that the kids love this class and that through this the awareness is raising bit by bit. Our teacher enjoys seeing how the kids absorp the knowledge.


Before coming to a town with our spaying van we inform the citizens and the ones who take care of the colonies about our work. That is very important otherwise the system does not work.

The cats are being spayed as if they were a human being. Since we are all mammals they get the same treatment as we would get. This is very important for us. Since this stray cats probably will never ever enter a trap. This is why our operating team works absolute aseptic i order to avoid any kind of complication during or after the operation.


Thanks to animal friends who donated for the trailer finally it is in use. It took quite some time for the trailer to be manufactured on the mainland but we are now glad to have a small refugium for the cats before and after they are being spayed. Due to lack of money there is still an aire conditioning and heating system missing. If you would like to support us, we would be very grateful: This is the BALDEA account number: ES80 2056 0019 4010 0193 8727, BIC:CECAESMM056. Please put as concept “Trailer”. Thank you for your support.

Sorry, this entry is only available in German and European Spanish.

Sorry, this entry is only available in German and European Spanish.

Thanks to donations we are waiting for the trailer to come from the mainland where we had to order a new trailer. Our Baldea spaying vans needed urgently a trailer in order to protect the stray cats that are waiting to be spayed from heat or cold.  If you would like to support our crowdfunding under: It was sooo simple:


Our Baldea teacher in the french school in Palma giving kids an idea how to treat animals properly.

The solution is education!



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