Frequently asked questions

What should I do if I find an abandoned pet?
First thing you should do is to take it to the nearest vet to check its health and chip, in case it was lost, to try and find his owner. If abandon is confirmed but the pet is healthy and has no chip, the best thing to do is to call local police for them to take care of it.

What should I do if I see an animal in bad conditions?
If it is possible, pick it up carefully and take it to the nearest vet. If it is in so bad conditions that you can’t pick it up, it doesn’t let you touch it or you don’t have an adequate way of transport, you can go to the authority:
If you are in the middle of a town or city, you have to call the police of the town where you are (free phone number for Palma: 010). However if you are in the countryside, you should call the SEPRONA (971526043). If it is an emergency and you don’t have any money to call, just call to the free phone number 112.

Does Baldea rescue pets?
No, Baldea doesn’t own facilities to keep pets.

Which are the most common reasons for pet abandon?
According to a report carried out by Affinity Foundation in 2012, the reasons are: Unexpected brood (14%), moving address (13.7%), to smaller flat or rented flat, economic reasons (13.2%) and also a loss of affection for the pet (11.2%).

What should I bear in mind before adopting a pet?
Adopting a pet implies a commitment and a responsibility we should acquire for life. Therefore, you should take into account that, for instance, rabbits live around 10 years, dogs around 15, cats around 20, horses around 30, and parrots and turtles may live as long as one century.
It is important to choose a pet that adapts best to our way of life and circumstances, taking into account the spare time and money that we can afford to take care of it.
One should be well informed about the needs and cares for a responsible pet possession so to ensure its welfare. Average expense per pet is around €1.500/year, and pets, for instance, have to go for a walk several times a day.
Just as a reference, most popular pets are dogs and fish, followed by cats, birds and to least extent rodents, horses and exotic species.

Should I have a dog?
You should first ask yourself the following questions:
Does everybody in the family agree?
Will you identify it with its microchip?
Do you have any appropriate room for it at home?
Will you be patient enough as to educate it properly?
Will you take him out for a walk three times a day for life?
Do you make a serious commitment to take care of it for life?
Will you pick up its poos to keep streets clean?
Will you feed it properly?
Will you keep it neat and tidy?
Will you take it to the vet and pay for it when necessary?
Will you be able to love and commit for over 15 years?
If you answered YES to all or most of the questions, you are ready to have a dog. Otherwise, for your own sake as well as for the pets, you should think it over.

What is best, a breed dog or a mixed breeding dog?
What is most important is for the dog to adapt to your life and home, and for it to have a related personality with good temper, according to your lifestyle.

Which one is best, to adopt a puppy or to adopt an adult dog?
There are many advantages in adopting an adult: they usually have learnt to do its necessities outside, they don’t nibble at everything, they don’t grow up more, we know about his character and most pet protector refuges give them for adoption with its chip and castrated.
Dogs don’t need to know us from puppies because they live the present, and they are always grateful for a better life.
Before you choose, take into account that there are quiet dogs and full energetic ones, some are very independent and others are extremely obedient, some of the love children and others are afraid of them.
Their fur is also important in order to choose a dog, because it may require specific care.

Where can I find a dog for adoption?
We have thousands of abandoned pets looking for a home in the Balearic Islands, so if you are planning on taking home your future best friend you should visit our pet refuge and kennel installations, where dedicated experts will help you find your ideal partner.
If you think it will be hard to see them in kennels, you could alternative visit the refuges and kennels websites and you will find there are dogs of different ages, colors, fur, sizes, personality, character, breed…

What are the differences between a council kennel (perrera) and a pet refuge (refugio)?
Council kennels belong to the City Council, and are obliged to take in all abandoned animals in its town, but if nobody adopts the animal before 15 to 21 days, it is put down.
Nevertheless, there are many volunteers working hard every day to find a home for these dogs. Organizations like “You can help rescuing dogs at Son Reus”, managed to save more than 90% of them last year.
Even so, some council kennels are managed by pet protective associations such as Calviá’s by SOS, in which there are no pet sacrifice, unless prescript by vets.
There is the transitional kennel Natura Parc in Mallorca, which has an agreement with most city councils in the island, managed by a private company but with loads of volunteers fighting to find a home for pets living there.
Refuges are managed by non-profit organizations. Currently all refuges in Mallorca are completely full and admit pets only as an exception.

Why do I have to promise that I am going to neuter my adopted puppy?
Because almost 14% of the abandoned animals are the result of unexpected litters. It is really difficult to find a home for the puppies when there are thousands of abandoned animals waiting for a home.
Because neutering avoids lots of health and behavior problems.
Because if a dog only had 4 puppies (2 males & 2 females) in her whole life and each of these female puppies had the same litter, we would have 5000 puppies in 5 years.
Because if a cat only had 6 kittens (3 males & 3 females) in her whole life and each of these female cats had the same litter, we would have 28812 kittens in 5 years.

Why is it necessary to have public liability insurance?
It is quite important in case an accident happens because of our pet.
Can I make a reservation for an animal until I go to adopt it?
It depends on where the adoption takes place: in a local dog pound or in Natura Parc the animals have a limited time of stay. However, in an animal shelter they are more flexible with this time.

Can I adopt a dog for a limited period of time?
No, you can’t. What you can do is to take it in until it finds a final home.
Nevertheless, animal shelters normally give a period of 15 days in order to see if the animal gets used to its new home. In case the animal or the family are not comfortable, they can give it back and the animal shelter will take into consideration the possibility of giving them another animal.

In case I adopt a dog or a cat and coexisting is not good, can I return it?
Normally there are 15 days to return an animal.

It is said that a monitoring is done after the adoption. Does this mean that somebody will come home to visit us?
Yes, it does. Monitoring is very common to check that the animal is fine in their new home. In addition, photos and videos of the animal are often requested.

Is it possible to post a photo of my lost animal in your website?
Yes it is, there is a section where you can see all the lost and found animals.

Is it true that it is better to adopt a puppy because adults have obsessions?
Obsessions are a matter that affects only humans. Adopting an adult animal has a lot of advantages such as the quick integration they experience in every home, the fast learning due to the big intelligence development they have, their size is definite so you won’t have any surprise, they don’t need constant attention, they are more quiet and need less exercise… and the best reason is that giving them a home you are saving them.

In case I am pregnant, do I have to get rid of my cat or dog?
No, you don’t. Healthy animal can’t cause any damage to the pregnant woman or the baby.

Is it a good idea to have a dog in a home with children?
Dog are the best human friends since they are born. This is an issue that people who have always had dog know. And even more when they have taught their children to treat them in a suitable way.
By doing this, children find in the dog a wonderful friend and career, a friend to play with, share caress, secrets and learn what the love is: unconditional love, loyalty, responsibility, respect, empathy… feelings that will help the children to improve their self-esteem and to become a better person. On top of that, it has been scientifically proven that living together (children and dogs) improves children’s immune system; that means their health.
If you have never had a dog, we recommend you to choose a breed which is specially loving with children. However, it would be far preferable that you wait until your children are 6 years old because before that age they don’t control their strength and even less the consequences of their actions, which can be dangerous for both when they don’t know still each other; they need to create an affective bond before.

Is it better to adopt in a dog pound than in an animal shelter because in the first one they slaughter animals?
The better you can do is to adopt, wherever you want.


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